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Apply to the Cities Award and act on your vision

Finalists Announced on December 13th


Top 5 Cities

Dublin, Ireland

Flood management

Khartoum, Sudan

Capturing local knowledge

Miami, USA

Resilience and infrastructure

Penang, Malaysia

Nature-based adaptation

Salvador, Brazil

Sustainable schools

About the Global Awards


Why this award?

EIT Climate-KIC partners with the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich to amplify city leadership in climate action with a Cities Award at the Climathon Global Awards. We envision a climate-resilient society and a net-zero carbon economy in which natural ecosystems and people thrive.



Why a prize for cities?

Cities are leading the fight against climate change and driving innovative thinking. You as a local authority can apply with a systemic action plan of what you would like to do, whether alone or with local partners, and win support to make your vision a reality.


What you can win?

Cities can win tailored support from Crowther Lab and other world-leading experts on their proposal, international media attention, seed funding, a trip to the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris to join us in a full-day implementation training… and much more!


Who can participate?

City/regional authorities (ideally as consortiums with further local partners) including cities where Climathon 2019 takes place. Cities interested to acquire a license to host a Climathon can click here.

Finalists Announced on December 13th

Applications Closed

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About the Organisers


Europe’s largest public-private partnership with the purpose to tackle climate change through innovation united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge.


An interdisciplinary research group at ETH Zurich developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of global-scale ecology in order to understand and address climate change.